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On 9 August 2016, HMRC released a consultation document to flag some potential tax impacts that a forthcoming change in lease accounting may have on the funding of plant and machinery.From 2019, lessees using IFRS..

Assuming that the referendum is not ignored completely, there are two possible futures for the UK:

1. The UK leaves the EU but remains a member of the EEA with no decision-making powers.

Social engineering involves the collection of information from various sources about a target organization which is obtained through a series of apparently innocuous contacts with individuals connected to that organization

was recently involved in a discussion about the changing nature of technology in the context of advisory services, particularly IT Risk and Forensic Technology services. Now I’ve been in this arena for nigh-on 20 years

Once upon a time there was a candle maker named Will and he was a good maker of candles. In a land where there were many shoddy candle makers he was a beacon of honesty and quality.He had pride in his work and he was determined....

I had dinner recently with an old school friend of mine who I hadn’t seen for a number of years. Except for the after effects of the shellfish platter (apparently I am allergic to shellfish – who knew? the evening was extremely pleasant and there was good wine.

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