Broccoli Rabe and Black Bean Quesadillas


Do you have fun plans for Cinco de Mayo? It’s one of those festive holidays that sneaks up on me, like St. Patrick’s Day, and makes me wish I were a more proactive party planner. Sometimes, I get lucky and my friends use it as an excuse to get together. Other times, I make do with some chips and salsa or a green shirt.

Cinco de Mayo is tomorrow, and if you are the last-minute type like I am, I have a quesadilla for you. It’s golden and crisp on the outside, and stuffed full of (mostly) redeeming ingredients on the inside.

You may associate broccoli rabe with Italian recipes, but it held up well in this Mexican one. I treated it like kale and massaged it with olive oil, lime juice and garlic. Quick refried black beans and some melted cheese round it out.


Broccoli rabe is known for its robust flavor, especially in its raw state. If you’re not wild about raw greens, but want to try broccoli rabe, I recommend my broccoli rabe pesto flatbread, lemony roasted potatoes and broccoli rabe, or broccoli rabe peanut soba noodles. See if you don’t find yourself craving more! Quesadillas await.


These hearty quesadillas are stuffed with garlicky, lime-marinated broccoli rabe and refried black beans, so they are lighter than most. If you have any extra marinated broccoli rabe and beans, they are great accompaniments, as are guacamole and salsa verde. Recipe yields 4 quesadillas (each made from 1 tortilla folded in half, for a visual).

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