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Food and Farming Awards 2016: Special Edition

Sheila Dillon presents the 2016 BBC Food & Farming Awards in this extended online special.

At the ceremony in Bristol, Sheila and three co-hosts – Yotam Ottolenghi, Angela Hartnett and Stefan Gates – guide us through the stories of the finalists and reveal this year’s winners.

This full-length edition, available to download and listen online, also features an extended version of the Derek Cooper Outstanding Achievement Award, presented this year to Dr Joan Morgan.

The ceremony marked the climax of a long process – starting with listeners’ nominations, then an expert team of judges sifting through your nominations in each of the categories, before making their visits right across the UK.

On stage at the ceremony, Sheila is joined by award givers including Jancis Robinson, Ken Hom, Mitch Tonks and the BBC Director General Lord Tony Hall. The finalists – and their stories – are insightful, inspiring… and delicious.

EASY + HEALTHY DINNER IDEAS • Vegan Recipes • Lisa Lorles

My mom’s side of the family gets together every Fourth of July for a family reunion. Each year, we meet up at our cousins’ lake house for some totally classic Independence Day activities. The lake community holds an egg toss competition, turtle race and a talent show when the sun goes down, no less.

One of my favorite aspects of the day, other than hanging out with some of my favorite people, is the potluck spread inside the cabin. Everyone brings something to share. Potluck dishes cover the table and overflow onto the kitchen island. I fill my plate with homemade salads and find some room for potato chips—it’s the one day a year that I gorge myself on potato chips. America!

This year, my family is headed East to my cousin’s wedding in Florida, and I’m going South for my best friend’s wedding shower (I’m the maid of honor). I’m already feeling sentimental about the lake, so here are twenty fresh, healthy, potluck-appropriate recipes to bookmark for the summer.

Lemon Raspberry Muffins


Last weekend, I drove home to Oklahoma for my baby brother’s college graduation. I remember when he was tiny, and I was terrified of dropping him. Now he’s all grown up, and a few inches taller than I am.

A couple of years ago, he developed an interest in videography out of nowhere. Now, he’s made a business of it. He’s going to come up to Kansas City soon and help me make some Cookie and Kate videos! We’re both stubborn perfectionists, and we’re both always right, so stay tuned for how that turns out. Continue Reading »

Broccoli Rabe and Black Bean Quesadillas


Do you have fun plans for Cinco de Mayo? It’s one of those festive holidays that sneaks up on me, like St. Patrick’s Day, and makes me wish I were a more proactive party planner. Sometimes, I get lucky and my friends use it as an excuse to get together. Other times, I make do with some chips and salsa or a green shirt. Continue Reading »

Vegan BLT Sandwich


One of my friends swears she’s happier when it’s cloudy and gray outside, but I couldn’t be more the opposite. June has brought longer days and an abundance of sunshine. I feel so energized by all the light that I have to remind myself to pause and soak up the summer vibes. Cookie is pretty jazzed, too, since it means that we can go for a quick walk at 9 pm and watch fireflies blink along our path. Continue Reading »