All modular elements can be readily used and customized in every layout across pages.

Color schemes

Use the following classes or their combinations along with .znav-container to update the navigtation scheme:

  1. .znav-white
  2. .znav-dark
  3. .znav-shop
  4. .znav-oxford
  5. .znav-transperent
  6. .znav-semi-transperent

NB: .znav-semi-transperent only works with .znav-white and .znav-dark

<div id="znav-container" class="znav-container znav-dark">
<div id="znav-container" class="znav-container znav-dark znav-semi-transperent">
Multi-level dropdown menu

Posh has multi-level dropdown menu feature. Nesting the list you can make the multi-level dropdown menu. By default the the menu appears at the right side of the corresponding item. If you want to push the menu to the left side just add.dropdown-push-left class along with .dropdownclass.

<ul class="dropdown dropdown-push-left">