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Curl curl to freshwater beach coastal walk

Curl Curl to Freshwater Beach coastal walk is one of many walking sites in Sydney. In the coming weeks Eat Well Travel Everywhere will be featuring some of these walks.

Freshwater located on the Northern beaches is just a short distance from the very popular Manly Beach and one of my personal favorites in Sydney. Freshwater Beach unlike Manly Beach is a little less crowded and is always very consistent with the surf. Freshwater became famous from ‘Duke’ the competition swimmer who popularized surfing. Duke famously carved a surf board from a piece of pine wood that has been retained at Freshwater Surf Club.

While Freshwater may not have as many restaurants and cafes as it’s neighbor Manly it is home to a fantastic Italian restaurant called Pilu. The restaurant has been in operation for some time but they now also have a more casual kiosk below serving coffee and small bites.

The Curl Curl to Freshwater beach coastal walk will see you admiring both the coastal view and stopping by the local shops. If you are fitness enthusiast then this walk is for you. If you’re like me and just looking to admire the view or perhaps walk your four legged friend then this walk is also suitable.

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