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The Top Apps I’m Paying Attention to Right Now

I often get asked what the next big app or social media platform will look like. The truth is, I don’t predict. I’m a counterpuncher — I react. While I don’t know the 2 girls at UCLA creating the “next big thing,” what I can tell you is that I’m always keeping tabs on the current tech landscape at all times.I do this by watching people’s behavior at scale on social media and trusting my intuition.

For example, when Vine popped, I looked at everything people were doing with the platform and started playing with it. I even told my company to stop whatever they were working on to download the app and learn how to use it. I wanted everyone to know as much as they could about it because my gut told me it was going to be hot.

What I’m actually doing is investing in things that I know will win in the marketplace, but haven’t hit their tipping point yet. Here are the 5 platforms I am paying close attention to right now from a marketer’s perspective:

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